Helicopters for You!

March 15, 2018

Helicopters for You!

RC toys are really fun! You have control over your favorite vehicle and will have lots of fun, so why don’t we take a look over some good toys here, shall we?

Hero iRocket

Finding the right balance between maneuverability and ease of flight can be difficult in even the best remote control helicopters, but Hero's iRocket strikes a good balance. Where most low-cost RC copters have co-axial rotors – great for stability, but terrible for control – the iRocket's single tilting rotor is highly maneuverable. You can move the iRocket laterally, strafing from side to side without changing its orientation. The gyroscope, meanwhile, helps keep the machine upright, staving off crashes when you're still starting out. The Hero iRocket is, for its size, the lightest RC helicopter we reviewed. While a couple micro-size quadcopters are lighter, they're small enough to perch on a finger or two; the iRocket's 10-inch girth needs your whole hand. Thanks to its carbon frame, however, it's incredibly light and resilient to impacts, able to spring back from high-speed crashes without noticeable hull damage. Since the copter's rotors are fixed instead of swing-wing, they can snap off in the event of a crash, but they're easy to remount and cheap to replace should the need arise.

Amazing! You for sure will have lots of fun with this toy!