Let’s Fly Again

November 15, 2017

Let’s Fly Again

Flying has been always fount of entertainment and amusement, also a full mystery for those who are really easy to surprise, but you can make them a little bit close to all the matter by gifting a little one of this friends.


The HobbyZone Champ is your quintessential, no-frills RC airplane. It offers a classic design, solid durability and great flight time while skipping out on modern conveniences like a built-in gyroscope and four-channel flight. This is a plane that’s simple to understand and easy to get flying, but it can be a bit temperamental in windy conditions or under the guidance of a novice pilot.

The aircraft itself is suitably impressive, built of an impact-resistant polystyrene that stood up to more than its fair share of crashes between our three test pilots. It doesn’t have ailerons on its wings, so you can’t perform any barrel rolls, but with enough practice, you can execute great loops and even nail a downward corkscrew or two before needing to level out above the ground.

Let’s change thing a little bit, bringing to you Helicopters!

Walkera Super CP

Picking the best RC helicopter is all about knowing what you want out of your new toy. If you're looking for extraordinary stability, you'll value size over anything else. For ease of use, co-axial helicopters are often the simplest and cheapest options. But if you're interested in stunt flying, one of the best entry-level options is the Walkera Super CP. It's not very easy to fly, but if you can devote some time to learning its controls, it pays you back for your effort, which is why it earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.