Little Planes as a Gift!

November 15, 2017

Little Planes as a Gift!

Out there live a lot of plane lovers! And with Christmas just ahead on the corner well, consider that as a good gift! Take a look to this amazing options for gifts. I know you will love them.

Night Vapor

The Night Vapor is quite different from most of the other remote control airplanes we review. Instead of looking like a stereotypical plane, ParkZone’s flier is just a series of cellophane flight surfaces mounted to carbon struts. Instead of zooming through the air, it lazily lists along at a pace so slow you could feasibly fly it indoors. It doesn’t have a gyroscope or ailerons, can’t perform loops or barrel rolls, and generally isn’t a jaw-dropping flier.

Ember 2

If there’s one thing we look for in the remote control airplanes we review, it is fun. There’s no point in flying RC planes, whether they’re built for beginners or aimed at expert pilots, if they don’t make you grin from ear to ear. ParkZone’s Ember 2 is an aircraft that’s fairly easy to control and won’t shatter the first time you crash it, but it doesn’t have any gee-whiz abilities that drop your jaw. Given its stiff competition, we wish it did more to excite us.

The Ember 2’s best feature is its battery, a small 70mAh cell. The battery lasted an average of eight minutes 23 seconds in our flight time tests. That alone is well above the curve, but even better were the cell’s charge times; you can recharge a used Ember 2 battery in just 21 minutes. Given that charge times for RC airplanes average over 45 minutes and some take as long as an hour and a half to refuel, 21 minutes is nothing.