Off Road Rugged RC Truck

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Extreme racing with no problems going over different terrain. With its speed and power, you'll get hooked on its off-road driving ability. Exciting outdoor activity for adults or children.



ReadyTo Run Battery: No need to charge once you get it.                                    Product battery: 9.6v 
Charging time: 3-4Hrs
Running time: 25mins
R/C distance: 80-100m
Speed: 15mph max                                                                                                  Color: Camouflage
Scale: 1:18                                                                                         
Truck size: (H x W x L):12cm x 17cm x 30cm


  • 4x4- All wheel drive capable of conquering various terrains and obstacles  with ease.
  • Alignment Adjuster- Under car alignment adjuster to keep it running straight.
  • Powerful Motor- can get a high speed of 15/mph and 20 mins of playing time.
  • High-quality Body- made of high toughness PVC, which is not easy to crack and anti-crash. High-quality material makes it durable rock crawling machine.
  • High Strength Suspension Springs- Adopted with a helical spring with high resilience for each wheel, which creates damping effect and a more steady drive.



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